Supported devices

On every supported device HUGPORT has full integration of features like screenshots, monitoring, offline storage, remote control, timers and many more!

HUGPORT is compatible with all major manufacturer's devices and works directly on SAMSUNG, LG, BenQ, Philips, Panasonic, NEC, Sharp, BrightSign, Lenovo, Google and others.

The final network of your devices can consist of multiple device types. Accurately meet the needs of your company's project by removing the necessity to commit to one hardware type for all of your digital signage needs. HUGPORT is your universal remote control for all screens in one easy to use solution.


Any size, any shape.

System On Chip DISPLAY

No external player, elegant all-in-one solution.


Interactive content in the palm of your hand.

Kiosk (Interactive)

Place interactive displays where the customer needs them the most.

External Players

Robust solutions with enormous power.


Make a screen anywhere.

HUGPORT is here to maximize the return on your digital signage.

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