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What is HUGPORT?

HUGPORT is a software solution for playing and managing content on professional displays for commercial use.

What all services are included?

Server hosting solution for the operation of your screens. Guarantee SLA (availability) 97 - 99% according to the customer's needs. Training for network management. Unlimited number of user accounts for content management. Setting up of administrative interface for organizational needs (account seniority and subordination, administration rights).

Technical support, continual and free updates and upgrades of software. Software compatibility liability for various hardware versions. Remote monitoring and management of screens. Possibility to develop specific applications or API connections.

What is HUGPORT unique?

The HUGPORT application runs directly on the chip that is integrated in the display. The chip takes care of content playback, monitoring and reporting of display status, remote management and control of content from anywhere, and more. Additionally, no extra computer or external devices are needed to provide content playback. HUGPORT is compatible with device types of that nature but removing the necessity for them significantly reduces acquisition and operating costs.

Can I use the HUGPORT software even if the display does not have an integrated chip?

Yes, but without a system on chip device there is the need for an external player for content playback, monitoring and reporting of display status, remote management, etc.

How is the HUGPORT solution packaged and sold?

We sell HUGPORT as a complex service with a monthly fee. The end customer does not have any additional costs with the software. HUGPORT can be purchased through our authorized distributors. For more information and contacting a distributor please contact us.

Which devices are compatible with HUGPORT?

Your screen network can be a mix of device types (display, tablets, kiosks, etc.) from different manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Phlilips and others). If some of your devices are not equipped with a chip, it is still ok! You can still achieve full functionality of the HUGPORT solution with an external player.

HUGPORT is here to maximize the return on your digital signage.

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